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Select The Best Scrubs For You

Let us start by saying, not all scrubs are created equal. There are many different types of scrubs available today and there are many factors to consider when choosing the right scrubs for you.

Scrubs are an essential part of any nurse's uniform. They provide protection against bloodborne pathogens, and they also serve as a way to express your personality. Plus, they allow you to do your very demanding job for 12+ hours at a time. No matter what you’re doing, 12 hours is a long time. But when you’re saving lives, what you’re wearing matters. 

We asked some of our customers what they look for in their favorite scrubs and here’s the verdict..

Quality Materials

A quality scrub top will last longer than one made of cheap materials. When it comes to protecting yourself from blood and other bodily fluids, quality fabric is crucial. You also want to make sure that the seams are stitched properly. The last thing you want to deal with is loose threads or tears in the seams. 


Sizing often varies from brand to brand. If you’re shopping in-store, don’t be afraid to try things on. It can be tiresome but it’s usually easier than returning back to the store to exchange sizes later. When trying things on, be sure to wear similar undergarments that you’d wear on a typical work day. This can make a difference in how something fits.

When shopping online, measure yourself and compare to the size chart provided by the manufacturer. This can make all the difference and save you time later.


If you're going to wear scrubs every day, make sure you choose comfortable ones. Uncomfortable scrubs can make a 12 hour shift feel like 24 and you don’t want that - and neither do your patients! Knowing the types of materials you like is important when it comes to comfort. Buying the right size is also vital and makes a difference. If it’s too tight, it can constrict your range of motion. If it’s too loose, you can get tied up and not be able to perform your job correctly.


Dry clean only? Who has time for that? Long hours mean you don’t have time for complex care instructions. Have you found any brands that are easier to care for than others?

Still not sure what the best scrubs are for you? Stop by one of our 4 locations across Middle TN - Hendersonville, Nashville, Murfreesboro, or Cookeville - and ask our team members for help. Start trying on different brands and comparing what you like and don’t like.

If you don’t have time for that - shop our website 24/7. We carry all the favorite lines from Cherokee, Wonderwink, HealingHands, and more!