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Healthcare Industry: Pregnancy Edition

Working in the healthcare industry is not for the faint of heart. Long, grueling shifts while others’ lives are dependent on you, this is why we refer to these people as “heroes”. Many of these jobs require 12-hour shifts on your feet. As if that isn’t hard enough on its own, imagine needing to constantly have compassion for patients and their families, even when they may not be the nicest to you.

Now that we’ve set the scene for you, imagine having to deal with all of this while being pregnant. Pregnancy brings its own challenges to the table. We’ve got some tips to make you feel the most comfortable during your long shifts.

Choosing the right shoes

No matter what shoes you wear, 12 hours on your feet in the same shoes is going to cause discomfort. Try bringing a change of shoes and switching them up periodically. It’s not uncommon for feet to swell during pregnancy as the day goes on. Shoes that lace up and can be loosened are a great option. Supportive slip-on styles are also a go-to for comfort and style. We also offer compression and support socks that can add comfort to any shoe too. 

Comfortable Scrubs

Pregnancy is uncomfortable on its own, but you never want the clothes you choose to wear to be the cause of more discomfort. Scrubs that are too tight or stiff can make a long shift unbearable.

The Healing Hands Maternity line is a favorite of moms-to-be. The stretchy side panels allow the shirt to grow with you so you don’t have to keep investing in scrubs that you likely won’t be wearing again after your pregnancy is over.

Take Breaks Often

This sounds like common sense, but can be hard to do on the job. Rest your body whenever you get the opportunity. Between rounds or when you are having conversations with your coworkers, sit down and rest your feet. If you notice swelling, be sure to prop your feet up or use ice to reduce the swelling.

Pregnancy is hard. Working in healthcare is hard. Don’t make things harder on yourself than they already are. Do you have any other tips for our readers?