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Caring For Your Scrubs

As healthcare workers, our scrubs go through a lot. Between blood, sweat, tears, and other bodily fluids… our scrubs have seen it all! Scrubs are a cost associated with the job, but you shouldn’t worry about replacing them whenever you get something on them. And you definitely shouldn’t let it stop you from performing your job to the best of your abilities.  Use these tips to care for your scrubs after a long shift and extend their lifespan.   Keep your scrubs separate from your everyday clothes To avoid spreading germs, keep a separate laundry basket for your scrubs. It’s recommended (but not always feasible) to wash your scrubs immediately after work. Keeping a separate laundry bin is the next...

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Best Scrubs For Women

When you're working long shifts, comfort is vital. Whether lifting patients or sitting at a desk, anything too constricting can make a 12-hour shift feel like 24. We asked our customers for their opinion on the best overall scrubs for women, and the consensus agreed. WonderWink took the gold! The company took women's complaints about typical scrubs and created a comfortable, breathable, low-maintenance scrub option that their customers would appreciate. For example: Stylish yet practical Classic yet chic Functional yet comfortable No ironing needed No itchy tags 100% polyester material for durability Moisture resistance Less shrinking in the dryer  And best of all…. An affordable price point! We are excited to announce that WonderWink Slate is now available at Scrub...

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Select The Best Scrubs For You

Let us start by saying, not all scrubs are created equal. There are many different types of scrubs available today and there are many factors to consider when choosing the right scrubs for you. Scrubs are an essential part of any nurse's uniform. They provide protection against bloodborne pathogens, and they also serve as a way to express your personality. Plus, they allow you to do your very demanding job for 12+ hours at a time. No matter what you’re doing, 12 hours is a long time. But when you’re saving lives, what you’re wearing matters.  We asked some of our customers what they look for in their favorite scrubs and here’s the verdict.. Quality Materials A quality scrub top...

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